The Result of Androgynous trend research

Collection Data grid for Androgynous trend

What we did?

We did collection data grid from 4 stores from high street brand which are NEXT, Zara, H&M and &Other stories. However, we think blazer, shirt, trouser and shoes from this look is Androgynous style and we found some item in black, white, navy and grey color look like this style from 4 brand.

Why we did it?

We did this research to predict Androgynous trend product for fashion industry. Moreover, we can predict the color story and silhouette of this trend to create new product for the next season.

Questionnaire for Androgynous trend

We did the questionnaire online to collect the results from 80 people. We want to know how many people know about this trend?, What they think about androgyny? and Do you think this trend will become more popular?. Furthermore, we did it to understand the current fashion trend.


What is it?

This week in APS, I study about research method and how to do data collection grid for androgyny. Moreover, me and my colleagues already set the questionnaire about androgynous style for surveying. Do you know what is primary data and secondary data?


Primary data means original data that has been collected for the purpose in mind. It means someone collect the data from the original source for the first time. This data is called primary data. This data has not been published yet and it has more reliable, objective and authentic such as surveys, documents and interviews. It can break the sources of primary data into quantitative and qualitative.


Based on number and it does not tell you when, why and how. This one is rely on random sampling and structured data collection instruments that fit various experiences into predetermined answer categories.


          This data cannot be showed as a number, it is deal with description. Data can be observed but not measured and it approximates or characterizes but does not measure the characteristics, attributes and properties of things or phenomenon.


Secondary data is the data that has been already collected by someone else prior or other sources. It may be obtained from many sources, including industry surveys, literature, books and etc. It can be divided into two sectors which is internal sources and external sources.

Internal sources

It created by the operation of an organization that include purchase orders, sales and transactions in inventory instead of the data being created by database.

External sources

It is data that is collected by other people or organizations such as Government sources, media, universities, journals and commercial data services.

List of references

I chose this website because this one always up date about education. And it has video and quiz about that knowledge you want to know. I think you can trust this information.

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Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann

He was a photographer best known for his photographs of women and fashion taken while working for Vogue. His photos was appeared in French, British and American of editions of this magazine. For Vogue, he created one of the great iconic photos of the Twentieth-Century, “The Mainbocher Corset”.

Horst’s Style

His work reflects his interest in surrealism and his interest of the ancient Greek ideal of physical beauty. Although, most of his work is in black and white, much of his color photography includes mainly monochromatic setting to set off a colorful fashion. However, some of his work represented to androgynous look.

The picture  of Marlene Dietrich is related with androgyny not only the outfit but also her position can show the  character of strong women. Moreover, the color of this picture is black and white. It made this look more manly.

Marlene Dietrich, 1942

During his job, Horst took portraits of many famous person such as presidents, writers, artists and royalty. In the 1930s he took some of Hollywood stars including Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis, Vivien Leigh, Noel Coward, Ginger Rogers, Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford.

Behind the scenes at American Vogue, 1946

If you want to know more information about him, his exhibition “HORST: PHOTOGRAPHER OF STYLE” runs from 6 September 2014 to 4 January 2015 at the V&A.

List of references

From my research, I got many articles to find information about Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann. He is not only very poplar in Fashion industry but also he took a photo for Vogue magazine. His pictures are very beautiful and it has a own character. However, some of his picture related  with Androgyny.

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Why blog is very important for fashion industry because most of people will follow the trend from blog and website such as blog from Susie bubble who is very popular and everyone like her style. However, she always updated the new collection from some brand. For example, she talked about the fashion show of Dior’s latest couture A/W 14-5.The catwalk has decorated by white orchids and everything is white. Moreover, the style of this collection is 50s and very feminine. And  the color story is white, grey, pink and blue. Every clothes of this collection decorate by embellishment.

“DIOR” Paris Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2014

In today’s modern world, people more concern about social media because it is a part of their daily life. Many fashionista always update the trend and buy product in social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Website, Twitter, Tumblr and etc. Thats why blogger has powerful to attract people who love fashion want to follow the fashion trend and wear clothes like her. It result to fashion companies want her to post their product on her blog because it look like she promote the product.

If you want to update the trend, I have top 20 of fashion blogs in UK to recommend you

1. Style Bubble

2. Face Hunter


4. Fifi Lapin

5. Fashion Foie Gras

6. 5 inch and up

7. At Fashion Forte

8. Five Five Fabulous

9. Mademoiselle Robot

10. Lily Melrose

11. Disneyrollergirl

12. The Fashion Police

13. Coco’s Tea Party



16. Arched Eyebrow

17. Vanessa Jackman

18. Retro Chick

19. park and cube


List of references

This blog is very popular in Fashion blogger that why I chose this one to did a research. I think lots of people know it and she always up date the trend and fashion. Moreover, I found the top 20 of Fashion blogs. I want to recommended viewer to look all of blogs because there are very interesting blogs.

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“It analyses the trend from the consumer lifestyle, product and engagement sectors to deliver strategies for innovation” (Stylus,2014) which are demographics, economics, environment, government, society and technology. In term of fashion, fashion industry will predict the trend for the next season from customer behavior such as color, fabric and pattern.


 is combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. The word androgyny was built from “andro” meaning “man” and “gyn” meaning woman.


You have heard of feminine males, the androgynous look, the metro sexual look and boyish style. This style is used practically every year on the runways. This one has been the most popular trends since the 1900s and has survived the circle of fashion until today. It never goes out of style and this look is referring to women who dress up like a man.

There are various reasons why androgyny is related to Trend analysis. Firstly, androgyny is evident in this analysis because it is the one of style in fashion. Moreover, all of fashion companies will use this to predict what will popular in the future and then designers will decide to design the product for next collection by using the popular color or textile. Secondly, they will see the factors that can effect on their business or gain more profit for them from macro trend. For example, they are more concern natural and they will reduce some process of dying to get natural color. But also related to cost saving. Finally, androgyny is societal and fashion trend because most of people will follow the trend or have their own style. It is all about the things that you have to wear everyday. However, outfit can present characteristic and personality.

Spring-Summer 2015 Ready-to-Wear CHANEL Show

List of references

From my research, I use those articles from blog and dictionary online website. Two articles from Fashion blog and people who they love Androgynous style. They talk about this look and I think it is very interesting. And other articles from the website give a lot of knowledge about macro trend.

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Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Sexual ambiguity may be found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle. It can also refer to biological intersex physicality, especially with regard to plant and human sexuality.

The Androgynous Look is a term usually referring to females who dress up in button down shirts, blazers and brogues. It is very plain, simple and classic.