Marketing: Debate

This work is about how advertisement effect to children. It made me know how to debate because I never debate before I am study here. This is my part that I did in my group debate in Marketing in a Global Age.

The marketers ought to choose the appropriate strategy on advertisement, rather than keep promoting the brand and products.

Nowadays, most of audiences especially children are influenced by advertising. Sometime children watch television alone, this is not a good way because parent have to stay with them to teach children during watch television. Moreover, children are fast learner and easily persuade from advertisement. Bogusky points out, “children are not small grownups. Their brains are fundamentally different, the big difference being that right-hemisphere brain development doesn’t really kick in until the age of 12. This is important because without the right hemisphere involved, all decisions and concepts are very black and white. If you sit with a child and watch TV commercials, you will notice how vigorouly effective the messages are. ‘I want that.’ ‘Can I have that?’ ‘I need that.’ These words come out of their mouths with seemingly every message, and they mean it and they believe it and they are defenceless against it.”

If we take example for food advertisement they offer meal with toy to encourage children to buy it. Even though, this food is unhealthy that why marketers have to more concern on advertising for children. According to Iger (n.d.) The Walt Disney Company was taken steps across to support better choices for families by setting new food advertising standards for kids because they would like to encourage children to live healthier lives. They also launch a ‘Mickey Check’ logo appear on packaging on Disney branded food ranges in store, restaurant and theme parks in order to help parent identify healthier food products. Obama (n.d.) says that this approach is a new initiative truly a game changer for the health of our children. All marketers ought to choose appropriate strategy on advertisement to leverage this industry.

List of references

The reason that I have chosen all of this articles to did this work because I need reliable evidence to support my point for debating. It made my part are more stronger.


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