Questionnaire for Androgyny research

This is the questionnaire that my group set to do this research.

1. Do you know what androgyny is ?

Yes or No

Definition of androgyny

2. Are you familiar with androgynous ? (If you accept sometimes an androgynous style or if you know someone who does)

Yes or No

3. Do you wear items related to androgynous ? (This question is focused on women so event if you are a man accepting on androgynous style please choose the 3rd option)

Yes, No and You are a man

4. If yes, which items?

trousers (suit), blazer (suit), shoes, oversize coat, shirt, tie, braces, belt, bow, hat, Other

5. Who/What influenced you?

Family, friends, celebrity, magazines, brands, dress code (work)

6. Can you describe how and why?

7. How do you feel when you are wear masculine clothes?

Absolutely More or less Not at all
More confident More powerful More comfortable

8. Any other feeling?

9. How your entourage is related to androgyny?

Silhouette, Clothes, General appearance, Haircut, Other

10. Do you accept androgyny/androgynous style?

Yes or No

11. Any comments to explain your answer?

12. Do you think this trend will become more popular?

Yes or No

13. If you want to add any comment about androgyny

Personal information:

14. Gender

Female or Male

15. Age

Less than 20 years old

Between 20 and 30 years old

Over 30 years old

16. Nationality

17. Profession

Employed for wage, Self-employed, Homemaker, Student, Military, Unemployed, Retired


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