Trend prediction

Topshop is Fast Fashion that why they have to produce their product every month, follow the trend from luxury brand and predict what is coming for the next season. Trend prediction are based on seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter like they connect certain colors with holiday and seasons, they expect to see earthy tones in fall season, jeweled colors for holidays, the pastels of flowers in early spring, and refreshing white for the summer. Moreover, most of fashion brand normally begin six months before the selling season. For example, a flower dress to be worn in May should be in design section starting December.

Supply Chain and Production

Designers of garments aimed at everything from the haute couture market to lines sold in stores. New designs were previewed six months or so before their introduction in stores, giving designers plenty of time to make adjustments based on early reviews, and supply chain managers to negotiate supply, production and transportation contracts. And then finished goods will send to stores. Stores then push those new arrivals aggressively before, eventually, discounting to move items toward the end of the season.

Fast Fashion leans out and speeds up this process. The four-season product calendar is trashed in favor of a near-continuous design process that, while season-conscious, is more influenced by demand signals received directly from store shoppers in near-real time.

List of references

I research many articles, I chose the first one because it is a book and reliable. And the second one from website, I think this one trustworthy, up date all the time and have variety of articles.

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