Fashion Calendar for the next 6 months

Last Monday, I learned the process to create fashion planning for next 6 months. My group chose Topshop and High street fashion. I will show the example of process for doing it from January to June.


  • Design and Development : Textile, pattern and colours.
  • Production : Garment
  • Branding : Casting Model and set the targets – who want to buy their products.
  • Buying and retailing : Clearing all stock ready for new deliveries again depending on market segment
  • Media : Advertising (preparing for the collections)


  • Design and Development: Shows, PR samples, buyers samples Products to the shop (sample) deliveries to the shops
  • Final sampling: Duplicates for media and buyers PV (Premiere Vision), big trade shows
  • Branding: to make profile send big promote invitations to buyers – press –big event for launch
  • Trend prediction: Prepare for the shows, presentations to clients, confirmations of predictions collection information for next season
  • Buying and Retailing: Look at January’s sales figures – receive stock – PV – design collection, mid range collection
  • Media: See the shows and report – photo shoots – glossies


  • Design and Development: Should know trend for Autumn Winter (designer, hand over to production team) , agree production samples and pattern, start to book manufacturing time and fabrics
  • Production and Supply chain: First indications of production order (How much they need to order for material) , book time at factories : book fabric production
  • Branding: Sales team sell collection – place collection with media
  • Trend prediction: Check whether everything they highlighted came (check the trend coming up)
  • Buying and Retailing: Place orders confirm what they have developed is in line with trends-develop new pieces, introduce colors if there are any glaring holes for the Autumn
  • Media: Wrap up what happened in the collections and plan shoots for the Autumn-September Issue (biggest selling copy of the year)


  • Design and Production: Close book-finale production (everything should ready), Order – review sampling from textile shows
  • Branding: Sales teams sell collections-place collections with media
  • Trend prediction: Continuing analysis globally visiting shows to report back to clients
  • Buying and Retailing: Mid season deliveries
  • Media: September editorial-prepare September Issue-shooting planning Christmas


  • Design and Production: Chasing production to ensure punctual deliveries looking at sampling, which has come in from shows. Start to think new collection
  • Middle of producing: Fabric and garments – developing textile for next PV and for customers
  • Branding: Sales teams sell collections – place collections with media-What their brand looks like?
  • Trend prediction: Preparing a lot of shows and ready for a book reports for the September shows
  • Buying and Retailing: high – street will be looking at production for autumn – checking their deliveries are looking good reviewing sales are they in line with targets?
  • Media: Signing of September- Starting Christmas collection


  • Design and production development: Production and sourcing prepare new trend
  • Supply chain and Production: Start to complete orders for July delivery (Italy closes for August deliveries have to be in by the end of July for September) * Beware in each country. Textile development for September PV
  • Branding: Looking what they doing for next season. Identify the strategy for the next season (few months)
  • Trend prediction: What is happening globally-are the presentations for the Autumn looking good?
  • Buying and Retailing: Do they need to go on sale?, How are products looking for the Autumn? Are the collections likely to come in on time?
  • Media: Christmas put to bed possibly-editorial (should be finish on June)

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