What is it?

This week in APS, I study about research method and how to do data collection grid for androgyny. Moreover, me and my colleagues already set the questionnaire about androgynous style for surveying. Do you know what is primary data and secondary data?


Primary data means original data that has been collected for the purpose in mind. It means someone collect the data from the original source for the first time. This data is called primary data. This data has not been published yet and it has more reliable, objective and authentic such as surveys, documents and interviews. It can break the sources of primary data into quantitative and qualitative.


Based on number and it does not tell you when, why and how. This one is rely on random sampling and structured data collection instruments that fit various experiences into predetermined answer categories.


          This data cannot be showed as a number, it is deal with description. Data can be observed but not measured and it approximates or characterizes but does not measure the characteristics, attributes and properties of things or phenomenon.


Secondary data is the data that has been already collected by someone else prior or other sources. It may be obtained from many sources, including industry surveys, literature, books and etc. It can be divided into two sectors which is internal sources and external sources.

Internal sources

It created by the operation of an organization that include purchase orders, sales and transactions in inventory instead of the data being created by database.

External sources

It is data that is collected by other people or organizations such as Government sources, media, universities, journals and commercial data services.

List of references

I chose this website because this one always up date about education. And it has video and quiz about that knowledge you want to know. I think you can trust this information.

–  Education Portal (n.d.) Secondary Data in Marketing Research: Definition, Sources & Collection [online] available from <http://education-portal.com/academy/lesson/secondary-data-in-marketing-research-definition-sources-collection.html&gt; [29 October 2014]


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