Why blog is very important for fashion industry because most of people will follow the trend from blog and website such as blog from Susie bubble who is very popular and everyone like her style. However, she always updated the new collection from some brand. For example, she talked about the fashion show of Dior’s latest couture A/W 14-5.The catwalk has decorated by white orchids and everything is white. Moreover, the style of this collection is 50s and very feminine. And  the color story is white, grey, pink and blue. Every clothes of this collection decorate by embellishment.

“DIOR” Paris Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2014

In today’s modern world, people more concern about social media because it is a part of their daily life. Many fashionista always update the trend and buy product in social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Website, Twitter, Tumblr and etc. Thats why blogger has powerful to attract people who love fashion want to follow the fashion trend and wear clothes like her. It result to fashion companies want her to post their product on her blog because it look like she promote the product.

If you want to update the trend, I have top 20 of fashion blogs in UK to recommend you

1. Style Bubble

2. Face Hunter


4. Fifi Lapin

5. Fashion Foie Gras

6. 5 inch and up

7. At Fashion Forte

8. Five Five Fabulous

9. Mademoiselle Robot

10. Lily Melrose

11. Disneyrollergirl

12. The Fashion Police

13. Coco’s Tea Party



16. Arched Eyebrow

17. Vanessa Jackman

18. Retro Chick

19. park and cube


List of references

This blog is very popular in Fashion blogger that why I chose this one to did a research. I think lots of people know it and she always up date the trend and fashion. Moreover, I found the top 20 of Fashion blogs. I want to recommended viewer to look all of blogs because there are very interesting blogs.

– Lau, S. (2006) Past Modernity [online] available from <; [16 October 2014]

– Lau, S. (2006) Past Modernity [online] available from <; [16 October 2014]

– Hermans, J. (2014) Fashion Blogs UK Top 20 [online] available from <; [16 October 2014]


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