“It analyses the trend from the consumer lifestyle, product and engagement sectors to deliver strategies for innovation” (Stylus,2014) which are demographics, economics, environment, government, society and technology. In term of fashion, fashion industry will predict the trend for the next season from customer behavior such as color, fabric and pattern.


 is combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. The word androgyny was built from “andro” meaning “man” and “gyn” meaning woman.


You have heard of feminine males, the androgynous look, the metro sexual look and boyish style. This style is used practically every year on the runways. This one has been the most popular trends since the 1900s and has survived the circle of fashion until today. It never goes out of style and this look is referring to women who dress up like a man.

There are various reasons why androgyny is related to Trend analysis. Firstly, androgyny is evident in this analysis because it is the one of style in fashion. Moreover, all of fashion companies will use this to predict what will popular in the future and then designers will decide to design the product for next collection by using the popular color or textile. Secondly, they will see the factors that can effect on their business or gain more profit for them from macro trend. For example, they are more concern natural and they will reduce some process of dying to get natural color. But also related to cost saving. Finally, androgyny is societal and fashion trend because most of people will follow the trend or have their own style. It is all about the things that you have to wear everyday. However, outfit can present characteristic and personality.

Spring-Summer 2015 Ready-to-Wear CHANEL Show

List of references

From my research, I use those articles from blog and dictionary online website. Two articles from Fashion blog and people who they love Androgynous style. They talk about this look and I think it is very interesting. And other articles from the website give a lot of knowledge about macro trend.

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